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Early voting is now open for June school bond referendum

Early voting for the June election is now open. You can find your polling place here:

Election day is Tuesday, June 28. Residents will be asked whether they want to approve bonds that would be used to complete essential infrastructure projects at all five schools while also reducing taxes. The bonds would be used to improve educational environments and safety systems while providing property-tax relief.

In 2021, the district completed payment on one set of bonds, which lowered the spring 2022 taxes for the average CCSD 89 homeowner by $239. The June referendum will allow the community to vote on whether to renew a second set of bonds. If the referendum is approved, it will lower the taxes on the average homeowner by an additional $4, for a total reduction of $243 per year.

The bonds would allow the district to complete the majority of the work over two summers (2023 and 2024). If the bonds are not approved, the projects would still need to be completed, but the work would be spread out over 20 years. During those two decades, there would be additional costs for maintenance and repairs, as well as potential system failures.

You can learn more about the referendum at

The website includes:

A video about the school bonds

A frequently-asked-questions document

A list of proposed projects

Letters from the superintendent and Board President

Community survey results