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Temp checks should continue to be done at home, no longer at school doors

Starting Monday, March 8, the district will no longer be taking student’s temperatures at school entrances. The CDC continues to recommend that temperature checks be done at home every day before students leave for school, but an additional check is not necessary at the school entrance.

Every student will still need to bring a self-certification ticket to school each day indicating they do not have a temperature. (You can print additional tickets here:

Guardians should take their child’s temperature each day and keep them home if their temperature is 100.4 or greater. Students should continue to stay home and contact the school nurse if they are positive for COVID-19, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19. 

Some symptoms removed from exclusion guidance

The latest guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health has removed some symptoms that would exclude students from school. Nausea, a runny nose, and abdominal pain from an unknown cause are no longer COVID-19 exclusions.

The district’s self-certification tickets have been updated to reflect these changes. The box that the guardian signs remains the same, but the symptoms in the upper left corner have been revised.



Posted: March 5, 2021