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March 27, 2020: A message from the superintendent

To CCSD 89 students and families:

As you know, Monday, March 30, through Friday, April 3, will be spring break for CCSD 89 students and teachers. There will be no remote learning during that time, and teachers will be unavailable during that week. Any families who need assistance during spring break can still reach district staff members at the numbers or email addresses listed at the bottom of this email. 

At this time, the governor has not extended the state's stay-at-home order beyond April 7. This means that the earliest CCSD 89 buildings would re-open is Wednesday, April 8. Of course, we know that this could change. If there is a change, the district will share that message as soon as possible through email, the district's website, and the district's social-media channels.

Remote learning will resume on Monday, April 6. Friday, April 10, remains a scheduled day off for students and staff.

Lunches will be available to families during and after spring break. (see below)

All school district events scheduled through April 7 are canceled. If the events can be rescheduled when schools re-open, the district will communicate that out at a later date.

I would like to thank all our families for their patience and resilience as we work through this difficult time. If you have a moment, please tell your students that our staff misses them. The CCSD 89 kids are constantly on our minds and in our hearts. We're proud that they are helping keep themselves and others safe.

I hope that you find time this spring break to share moments with the ones you love - no matter what form that takes right now. Best wishes to you and your family. 

Emily Tammaru


Community Consolidated School District 89


All CCSD 89 families will be able to pick up lunches during spring break. Lunches will now be served at 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Families will be able to pick up two lunches on Monday and three lunches on Wednesday. 

There is no cost. Families can drive up to either school and receive meals while still in their vehicle. Families can get lunches for each child younger than 19 in their home. Info:

No remote learning during spring break

There will be no remote learning during spring break and teachers will not be available during that week. If you have an emergency, please contact any of the staff members at the bottom of this email.

Remote learning will resume on Monday, April 6. Friday, April 10 is a scheduled day off. 

All CCSD 89 playgrounds are closed

All CCSD 89 school playgrounds are closed to the public until further notice. The open areas (fields) near playgrounds can be used during daylight hours, but we strongly recommend that you practice social distancing and follow all local, state, and federal mandates in order to prevent the spread of any illness. Do not gather in groups.

Additional resources

Additionally, many park district facilities are closed at this time. Please check with your local park district's website or Facebook page to determine which facilities are open.

It can be challenging to share the right amount of COVID-19 information with kids. We've gathered a few resources to help you explain what's happening:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has put together a COVID-19 fact page that will be continually updated:  

The district has put the latest remote learning and COVID-19 news and resources at This page includes planners and a link to information about DuPage County efforts to collect personal protective equipment for donations. 

More information

If you have further questions or need support, please reach out to our staff. We are available to help you and your students. Although teachers will not be available during spring break, any of the below district staff can respond to questions during that time.

Latest remote learning and COVID-19 news:

General questions: (630) 545-3581

Food:  (630) 545-3507

Technology:  (630) 545-3591

Counseling:  (630) 545-3517

Special-education: (630) 545-3515