CCSD 89 Strategic Plan

  • Teacher and student working together

    In September of 2013, the Community Consolidated School District 89 Board of Education approved a strategic plan to guide school and District improvement. To view or download the Community Consolidated School District 89 Strategic Plan, go here

    The district reviews and tweaks the strategic plan each year. Approximately every five years, the district conducts a comprehensive review of the strategic plan, which is then submitted to the Board of Education for approval.

    The district was scheduled to update the strategic plan during the 2019-20 school year, but those changes were delayed due to the pandemic. 

    The previous plan was created over the winter and spring months by a group of 24 community residents, staff members, and administrators under the guidance of Perry Soldwedel of the Consortium for Educational Change. The committee included a cross-section of CCSD 89 stakeholders, and the document serves as a road map for continuous improvement across all five schools.

    In 2016, members of the Superintendent's Strategic Plan Advisory Committee met to update and refine the plan. The Committee consisted of students, staff, parents, and community members. In December 2016, the revised plan was presented to the Board of Education and approved by unanimous vote. 

    “Learning for life” remains the District's motto. The District's mission statement is: “Community Consolidated School District 89 will empower all learners to recognize and optimize their full potential.” In addition, the strategic planning team created a new set of core values and a Vision for Excellence, which states that CCSD 89 will aspire to:

    • Employ rigorous, relevant curriculum and learning opportunities
    • Engage in innovative problem solving, critical thinking, and effective collaboration
    • Enable self-sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability
    • Encourage empathy, acceptance, and self-efficacy
    • Embrace the strengths in our differences as members of a global community
    • Ensure the essential resources necessary to remain a premier school district

    The plan builds on CCSD 89’s previous successes and incorporates new priorities that were shared during the strategic planning process. It takes into account current best practices in education, as well as priorities that became known through surveys of our community and former students.

    The new strategic plan also includes five long-range goals with corresponding strategies for implementation. The strategies include:

    • Student achievement: Ensure student growth and proficiency toward college and career readiness
    • Learning conditions: Provide a safe, nurturing, and academically engaging learning environment
    • Resources: Make optimal use of our resources in achieving our mission, vision, values, and goals
    • Staff: Recruit, recognize, retain, inspire, and reward an exceptional workforce
    • Family and community: Engage families and the community in partnerships to advance the mission and vision of the district

Strategic Plan documents