Music in CCSD 89

  • Ukuleles

    Music is available to all students in Community Consolidated School District 89, starting in preschool. Students have the opportunity to join orchestra in the fourth grade, band in the fifth grade, and chorus in fourth grade.

    Elementary general music

    Students in kindergarten through fifth grade attend music class for 25 minutes twice per week and participate in a range of activities including: singing, movement, instruments (such as Orff instruments, recorders, and ukuleles), listening, and composing.

    All students also have multiple opportunities to perform during their career as an elementary student in CCSD 89. First, they will participate in three grade-level performances: one in kindergarten, one in second grade, and one in fourth grade.

    Students also have the opportunity to join chorus in fourth and fifth grade, which is an extracurricular music group that is held before school once a week. Chorus performs three times per year: once in the winter, once at the district's Choral Festival in March, and once in the spring.

    Students in CCSD 89 will learn about the foundations of music and will leave elementary school with a solid understanding of musical concepts, an individual musical identity, and hopefully a true love for music!


Music teachers