CCSD 89 registration: Frequently Asked Questions


    Do I have to pay registration fees when I register students online?

    The district would appreciate payment as soon as possible after student registration is submitted. The district can only accept credit card payment through PowerSchool Enrollment during the online process. You may mail a check or drop off cash at the main office at your school as soon as possible after the date you submit registration information online. 


    If I opt not to pay my student fees by credit card during registration, will I still have the option to use a credit card at a future date? 

    Unfortunately, the district will only accept credit cards through PowerSchool Enrollment during the actual registration process. If you opt to pay at a later date, only cash or checks will be accepted.


    What is the processing fee to use a credit card?

    There will not be a fee to pay by credit card. However, the credit card option is only available if paying at the time of submission. 


    To whom should the check be made out to?

    At the end of the registration process, there is an opportunity to print up an “invoice” on the final page, along with directions on how to pay by check. If you opt to pay your fees by check, please write one check to "CCSD 89" for the total of your district fees. Please write a second check to your school’s PTC for the fees labeled “PTC” on your invoice. The list of fees on the invoice clearly states which fees are “PTC” fees. You may send both checks to your school, and the schools will make sure your PTC receives the check belonging to them. Please include a copy of the invoice you printed up at the end of the registration process with your check.


    Last year, I qualified for a fee waiver. Do I need to pay my registration fees now? 

    If you applied for and were granted a fee waiver last school year, you must re-apply each year.  Your fee waiver status does not carry over from year to year.  Please submit your application for waiver directly to the CCSD 89 Business Office at 22W600 Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

    Download the fee waiver application here

    If you would like to defer paying your fees until you know whether or not you qualify for a waiver, please select "pay by check" on the payment screen and submit your registration. Please note: the fee waiver does not cover all student fees. The district will only waive fees that are required for attendance at school. Activities like chorus, band, orchestra, or yearbook may have fees that will not be waived. If you would like to pay your fees for these other items, please do so at registration.



    What is the Activity Fee and what does it fund? 

    The Activity Fee is a $25 fee at the elementary schools and a $30 fee at the middle school. The Activity Fee helps the district fund programs that are considered ancillary to the educational program, including: extra-curricular activities, clubs, intramural sports, speakers/activities for assemblies, and field trips.


    If I don’t sign up for chorus, band, or orchestra during registration will there still be an opportunity to sign up at a later date? 

    Yes. Your student will be allowed to sign up for these activities once school starts. 


    If I don’t purchase a yearbook at registration, will there still be an opportunity to purchase one at a later date? 

    Yes. There will be another opportunity to purchase a yearbook at the beginning of the school year.



    I am new to the district and don’t know where to begin. 

    Please click on "New student registration 2019-20" if you are registering for the 2019-20 school year, and follow the pre-registration link.  After completing the pre-registration process, you will need to visit the Administration Center, 22W600 Butterfield Road,  to prove residency. After that process is completed, you will be issued a “SnapCode” to finish the full registration process.


    I have encountered an error after I completed registration for my first child and tried to move on to register my second child.  What should I do? 

    If you encounter an error while registering your child, please click out of your browser and reload the browser. You also may need to “clear the cookies” in your browser.  The method to do this differs by browser: Firefox instructions, Internet Explorer, Safariand Chrome.


    My computer is trying to auto-fill my information when I enter my name, but the data does not fill in the fields in the correct format. What should I do? 

    Many computers “remember” your name, phone number, address and will “auto-fill” fields with data. That data must be in the format (for example, a phone number must be in xxx-xxx-xxxx format) required by PowerSchool Enrollment, or you will receive an error message. Simply click “OK” on the error message and correct the format of the data.


    My child and I reside within the CCSD 89 boundaries; however, my child attends school out of district for a special education program. Do I still need to complete the registration process? 

    Yes. You are still required to register in your home district, which would be CCSD 89. 


    Can my student start kindergarten early?

    CCSD 89 considers Early Entrance to Kindergarten as a form of whole-grade acceleration (Board Policy 600:135- Acceleration Policy). This is an educational intervention that may be appropriate for some children who will turn five between September 2 and December 31 that demonstrate exceptionally high ability and developmental levels in all assessed areas.

    You can learn more about CCSD 89 Early Entrance to Kindergarten here:


    For more information about registration, contact Barb Kosartes at (630) 545-3514 or